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Our service area is the greater Granby region as well as the surrounding cities, within a 50 km radius. A representative from Asphalte Brosseau will come to you to make an estimate based on the work to be done. Our team of experienced technicians is able to offer you :

  • Granby
  • Saint-Césaire
  • Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Acton Vale
  • Bromont
  • Magog
  • Cowansville
  • Valcourt
  • Farnham
  • Rougemont
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Compacteur Jaune sur une route fraîchement asphaltée

Three important factors for the success of your project

Chiffre un en gris pâle


It is important to have a minimum foundation of 12 inches of 98% compacted gravel. Our recommendation is to have an 18 inch foundation. This will extend the life of your asphalt. The thickness of the foundation will also depend on the weight of the parked vehicles.

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Slope in the yard for water drainage

There should be no water accumulation on the pavement to avoid bumps and cracks in the asphalt. Our recommendation is to have one inch of slope for every six feet of length.

Chiffre trois en gris pâle

Thickness of asphalt applied

In general, we recommend to all our customers to apply 2.5 inches of compacted asphalt to increase the life of their pavement. The type of asphalt varies according to the needs. Note that it is better to remove your old asphalt than to cover it with a new layer.

Maintenance and advice

Once the excavation preparation is complete, you can park your vehicle until the asphalt is laid.

You must wait two to three days before parking your vehicle on the asphalt.

Black asphalt coating (usually acrylic) will extend the life of your yard.

You can trust us